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Home Workout 9-7-2021

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Tuesday 9-7-2021

Warm Up

10 yd walk on toes
10 yd walk to toes backwards
10 yd walk on heels
10 yd walk feet turned out
10 yd walk feet turned in
10 yd lunge walk-arms locked out overhead
10 yd lunge walk - torso twist towards forward leg
10 yd butt kickers
10 yd high knees
10 yd bear crawl forward
10 yd bear crawl backward
10 yd lunge forward
10 yd lunge backward

10 Inchworms

Sunflowers Bodyweight

*400m Run after each set

Lateral Backpack Burpees
*400m Backpack Run after each set
**All with 20/14# backpack or vest

Sunflowers Minimal

Double Dumbbell Devil's Presses (50s/35s)
*400m Run after each set

Accessory "Ab Burner"

100 Flutter Kicks
75 Penguin Taps
50 Feet anchored sit ups
25 Tuck Ups

Bonus Stretching

2:00 Couch Stretch (Each Side)

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