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Home Workout 7-31-2021

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Saturday 7-31-2021

Warm Up

4:00 Clock:
10 Big Arm Circles (Forward/Backward)
4 Dynamic Squat Stretch
6 Alternating Lunge Elbow to the Floor (Total)

American Heart Bodyweight

AMRAP 12:00
15 Burpees
30 Air Squats

AMRAP 12:00
15 Backpack Lateral Burpees
30 Backpack Back Squats

American Heart Minimal

AMRAP 12:00
10 Alternating Single Dumbbell Devil's Press (50/35) (Total)
30 Air Squats


3 Sets:
10 Single Leg Hip Bridges (Each Side)
10 Single Arm Upright Rows (Each Side)
10 Deadbugs

Bonus Stretching

5:00 Corpse Pose
*If you're able, find a quiet space and lay down flat on your back. Set a timer and focus on breathing deeply.

During this time, recognize any thoughts that come to your mind. Any negative feelings that arise about yourself, the world, or others, let them go.

Recognize that you are not attached to those feelings. Any positive feelings that arise, be grateful for them, and let them go. Focus on your breath!

Post in comments how it went!

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